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We are pleased to announce the start of the “Roots Revival Series”, a long-term performance series in collaboration between Roots Revival and the Odeon Theater in Vienna. This project will promote the musical heritage of underrepresented genres from different parts of the world through a unique and innovative approach and enable unmediated perspectives in other cultures.

In the first four years we will invite 12 musicians representing 12 different musical cultures to Vienna to work with the Vienna-based Roots Revival Ensemble (Mehdi Aminian, Helene Glüxam, David Six and Nora Thiele). This collaboration will result in new interpretations that combine tradition and innovation. 

In the first year we will focus on the Anatolian music cultures in three seasons (1. Ashik music; 2. Spiritual music of the Alevis; 3. Kurdish music). The first season is dedicated to the Ashik music represented by Petra Nachtmanova, musician and expert on Ashik and Alevi music and poetry. In an artistic dialogue that connects different musical traditions, Petra Nachtmanova and the Roots Revival Ensemble will perform a diverse Anatolian Ashik repertoire.

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Chapter 1; Anatolian music:

1.  Anatolian Ashik season

2. Anatolian Kurdish season

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You can purchase the video or audio recording of our performance. This is the same material you can find on YouTube, in high quality and free of advertising.

The revenue from the sales are invested in developing the future projects.


Please fill in a valid Email so the video can be transferred to you. 

Audio recording (MP3)
10 €

Audio + Video recording (HD)
20 €

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Mehdi Aminian is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, academic researcher and the initiator and chairman of the Roots Revival Association, within which, since 2013, he has developed a list of musical projects based on an intense artistic dialog and intercultural exchange: “Maramureș”, “Doina Revival”, “Together”, “The worlds of sound”, “Aramaic & Sufi”, “Colors of Maria”, “Pain, Peace, Patience”, “Call of the Winds”, “Quieter than Silence” and the ongoing project “Roots Revival Series”. Mehdi's musical inception in Persian Music and Ney in particular goes back to his adolescence which he spent in Iran. As he was to discover later, leaving his home country at the age of 16 provided an ever-growing awareness for experimenting within some of the oldest musical traditions of the world.

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Helene Glüxam plays in a wide variety of formations, from pop / rock to jazz to classical. For a number of years she has been increasingly concerned with the broad field of world music, including being a member of the Iranian-Kurdish world / jazz ensemble Kurdophone, which won the Creole Global Contest Berlin in 2019. She is also a member of the “Webern Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra” and is currently working on her first solo program.



David Six, pianist & composer, studied piano, improvisation and Indian classical music in Linz, Vienna, Berlin and New Delhi. His solo piano publications have received international awards. David Six shows himself to be an expert in creating wide spaces that give every single note, every melody and also every sound experiment far from any mentality. The work with the chamber music ensemble Stargaze and his project Dance with the Ghosts is currently at the center of his work.



Nora Thiele is a master of the frame drums and one of the most versatile percussionists in Europe. It stands for a highly sensitive, unique sound and creative virtuosity in the field of world percussion. In different formations between early music, non-European music, jazz, improvisation and contemporary music, she builds bridges between cultures, genres and epochs. With more than 1000 concerts she toured as a soloist, guest musician and with her own bands through Europe, the Middle East and China.



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