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After the overwhelming feedback and support we have received from you for our first season of Roots Revival Series, "Anatolian Ashik ", we reached a moment in time when we would like to give YOU all the power of decision regarding the next season/s of Roots Revival Series. 



The next season dedicated to the Anatolian Kurdish music, planned for the 24th October 2022, can only happen with your immediate involvement and support. 

That's why, we have started this urgent crowdfunding campaign with a video message from the founders, where you can support us by choosing from our various rewards selection:



You can check out our first season which took place on the 18th Nov 2021 here:


You can check out the campaign video on Youtube here:


Roots Revival Series is a project dedicated to the promotion of the musical heritage of underrepresented genres from different parts of the world through a unique and innovative approach that binds tradition and innovation. It is a project set out to nurture an artistic dialogue between musicians, representatives of a great variety of musical cultures and the public. You can read more about Roots Revival Series here:


Looking forward to having you with us in Roots Revival's next journeys.

Roots Revival team

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