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The main driving force behind our team are the shared interest in the musical diversity around the world and the common goal to promote a cultural dialogue. By our background (Iranian, Romanian, Argentinian), we span different cultural areas both by birth, profession and countries where we have resided so far. Our different perspectives and experiences are the basis on which we understand and deal with diversity and on which we approach inclusion. We know from first-hand experience the meaning and value of representativeness and we are joining our efforts towards the creation of a sustainable, long term exchange and visibility practice for artists and cultural contents.

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Ioana Aminian is a Romanian sociolinguist specialized in endangered minority languages and cultures at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and University of Vienna. She studied Translation Studies in Erlangen and Romance Studies in Jena and Vienna and disposes over vast experience in working with different minority groups, among which Boyash, Sephardim, Kalmyk, etc. Languages and Music have always been closely interconnected. Especially when languages are endangered, among the last cultural values that are transmitted are songs and melodies. Her interest in this phenomenon and her expertise with different minorities are the reasons for her role as a co-chairwoman of the Roots Revival Association. Besides her scientific career, she is active in the promotion of minority cultures and music around the world.


Mehdi Aminian is a recognized composer, multi-instrumentalist and the initiator and chairman of the Roots Revival Association, within which, since 2013, he has developed a list of musical projects based on an intense artistic dialog and intercultural exchange: “Maramureș”, “Doina Revival”, “Together”, “The worlds of sound”, “Aramaic & Sufi”, “Colors of Maria”, “Pain, Peace, Patience”, “Call of the Winds”, “Quieter than Silence” and the ongoing project “Roots Revival Series”. Mehdi's musical inception in Persian Music and Ney in particular goes back to his adolescence which he spent in Iran. As he was to discover later, leaving his home country at the age of 16 provided an ever-growing awareness for experimenting within some of the oldest musical traditions of the world.

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Delfina Zabaleta is an Argentine conductor, pianist and musicologist. Her broad expertise in musical studies ranges from Italian and German opera of the Classical and Romantic periods to traditional South American music. She specializes in the communication and management of musical ensembles, from baroque orchestras to jazz and traditional music groups from home and abroad. Her main focus is on the search for the identity and branding of her collaborators, as well as the application of this identity on all levels of communication.


Deyvi Papo is an architect and graphic designer from Istanbul, Turkey. He studied architecture in Vienna University of Technology and ETSA Madrid. He specializes in museum and exhibition design in relation to public space. He is interested in spatial manifestations of different cultures. Besides his career as an architect, he also collaborates in art projects with artists from different cultural backgrounds.  

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