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Maramures project was initiated and coordinated by Mehdi Aminian and developed together with Peter Hurley.  This project is built on tradition, innovation and improvisations by the 7 musicians from 7 different countries who spent 7 days in the villages in the mountainous area of Maramures and lived the life and music of the villagers there.  

Monica Madas (Romania): Vocals
Mehmet Polat (Turkey): Oud
Emmanuel Hovhannisyan (Armenia): Duduk
Alexandru Arcus (Moldova): Kaval, Saxophone 
Aimee Farrel Courtney (Ireland): Bodhran 
Ghassan Bouz (Lebanon): Percussions
Mehdi Aminian (Iran): Ney

Sspecial guest from Țara Moților: Răzvan Roșu on Tulnic and Vocals



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