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Doina Revival is a project proposed by Maria Cassandra Hausi and developed together with Mehdi with  various arrangements and compositions. This project is mainly inspired by Romanian Doina and Persian traditional and folklor music.

The Doina (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈdojna]) is a Romanian musical tune style, possibly with Middle Eastern roots, customary in Romanian peasant music, as well as in Lăutărească. It was also adopted into Klezmer music. Similar tunes are found throughout Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Maria Casandra Hausi: Vocal (Maramures, Romania)
Mehdi Aminian: Ney, Setar, Vocal (Iran)
Iosua Galev : Piano (Romania)
Sabin Penea : Violin (Romania)
Marti Hosta: Percussion (Spain)

-Pieces by order:
-Cine Iubeste
-A Kurdish theme
-Doina Acapella 
-Mai plaiut cu lemne
- Pir Farzane (Hussein Alizade composition)
- Cucu Vara

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