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This creation is trying to demonstrate common musical roots of Persia and India through the medium of two wind instruments, the Bansuri (India) and the Ney (Iran), played by Julia Ohrmann and Mehdi Aminian. India and Persia are among the oldest human civilizations. They share a common cultural heritage and throughout the centuries they exchanged elements in the fields of language, spirituality and art.

In this concert the musicians improvise in their respective musical language, but also create their own musical universe. Julia Ohrmann has been among the first European women reaching a high level in playing Indian classical music on the bansuri.

She is the student of the legendary Maestro Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, with whom she had the honnor to be on stage and go on tour internationally. You can read more about Julia here:


Mehdi Aminian is an Iranian musician, composer, researcher and creator of several international projects promoting musical dialogue between different cultures: Roots Revival Romania, Doina Revival, Aramaic and Sufi dialogue and more.

You can find more about his projects here:

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