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Anatolia 1: Ashik
with Petra Nachtmanova

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You can find now the live performance of the first season of Roots Revival Series on YouTube, dedicated to the interpretation of Anatolian Ashik music at Odeon Theater in Vienna on the 18th November 2021.


Roots Revival ensemble:

Helene Glüxam – contrabass

Nora Thiele – percussion

David Six – piano

Mehdi Aminian – ney, setar, vocal

Ashik representative: Petra Nachtmanova – Saz, dotar, vocals

You can find the Photo Gallery of this performance here.

“Roots Revival Series – Anatolia – Ashik” is the first performance of a long-term series of performances with the goal to promote the world’s musical diversity and heritage. Initiated and developed by Mehdi Aminian and Ioana Aminian, this series is the result of a collaboration between Roots Revival and Odeon Theater in Vienna.

Roots Revival respects your right to an uninterrupted viewing and listening experience. However, we count on your kind support and donations to make this series possible in the long term. To donate, click on the link bellow:

The line-up of this performance :

 00:36 - "Seher yeli nazlı yare" by Kul Ahmet - arranged by Mehdi Aminian

09:13 - "Arix" - arranged by Helene Glüxam

14:27 - "Dünyada tükenmez Murat var imiş" by Aşık Veysel - arranged by Nora Thiele

24:08 - "Moria (op.103)" - A composition by David Six - a tribute to the "Moria camp", and all the abandoned human beings and their sufferings - the original version:

35:06 - Percussion solo by Nora Thiele

41:40 - "Gökte uçan telli turnam" - traditional Anatolian song arranged by the ensemble

45:47 - Bağışla beni by Nesimi Çimen - arranged for dotar & piano

50:00 - "Bahar" (1st take) - a composition by Mehdi Aminian - A tribute to Mir

53:06 - "Bahar" (2nd take) - a composition by Mehdi Aminian - A tribute to Mir - the poem by Ahmet Arif

01:04:17 - "Karadır kaşların" by Zaralı Halil - arranged for vocal and ney

01:07:19 - "Ey aşk eri" - music by Ruhi Su, lyrics by Yunus Emre - arranged by David Six 01:15:00 - the Encore - "Gökte uçan telli turnam" - traditional Anatolian song arranged by the ensemble


 This project aims to promote the musical heritage of underrepresented genres from different parts of the world through a unique and innovative approach and enable unmediated perspectives in other cultures. ​In the first year we will focus on the Anatolian music cultures in three seasons (1. Ashik music; 2. Anatolian Kurdish music; 3. spiritual music of the Alevis). This first season is dedicated to the Ashik music represented by Petra Nachtmanova, musician and expert on Ashik and Alevi music and poetry. In an artistic dialogue that connects different musical traditions, Petra Nachtmanova and the Roots Revival Ensemble performed a diverse Anatolian Ashik repertoire.

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Petra Nachtmanova

As a singer and folk music researcher, Petra Nachtmanova mainly deals with Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. She has lived in Berlin since 2008, sang as a mezzo-soprano with the Bulgarian vocal ensemble Bulgarian Voices Berlin and Peperuda and founded the Berlin bands Tralalka and OKO, which rearrange traditional Eastern European songs. Her interest in Anatolian music and the Bağlama lute has been developing since 2010. Since then she has represented Austria at the international TRT Türkcevizyon Festival 2014 in Denizli, played at the Azerbaijani TV station ITV in Baku, at the Turkish MetropolFM, on the Avrupa channel, YolTV, Deutsche Welle, on SWR2 MusikGlobal and traveled through Western Europe to concerts in Anatolian communities. She shot an Arte documentary about the Bağlama SAZfilm with the director Stephan Talneau. More about Petra here:

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