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Next to be a recognized composer, a multi-instrumentalist and an ethnomusicologist. Mehdi is the initiator of Roots Revival, within which, since 2013, numerous musical projects based on intercultural exchange has been developed. He is also an ethno-musicologist with active academic researches documenting various musical cultures and vanishing musical cultures in particular.

Mehdi's musical inception in Persian Music and Ney in particular goes back to his adolescence which he spent in Iran. As he was to discover later, leaving his home country at the age of 16 provided an ever-growing awareness for experimenting within some of the oldest musical traditions of the world.

His fascination with Sufi literature and poetry as well as the various musical projects he had while living in Europe and South East Asia, inspired Mehdi to shape a unique style of his own in his music and compositions, rising above the confinements of one particular genre. Moreover, not only does he aim to bring a full musical experience to the public, but also to unfold that genuine, almost ancestral connection we all have with sound. 

In his projects, musicians from all over the world have been  invited to come together and create a new musical experience by finding bridges between cultural backgrounds and music genres. Projects like “Maramureș”, “Doina Revival”, “Together”, “The worlds of sound”, “Aramaic & Sufi”, “Colors of Maria”, “Pain, Peace, Patience”, “Call of the Winds” & “Quieter than Silence”, "Roots Revival Series", "Timbres of Middle-East-Europe" have had a major impact on both the local and international music scene.

Mehdi Aminian has completed studies in Humanities, Music and Ethnomusicology and Computer Science in Austria, Romania, The Netherlands, Malaysia and Bosnia. Mehdi Aminian’s artistic and curating experiences combined with his academic formation in different countries allows him to carry out and direct Roots Revival from an interdisciplinary perspective: Artistic management, Ethnomusicology, Ethnography, Anthropology, and Digital Humanities. He is currently carrying out his Doctoral research at university of Vienna in collaboration with the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW), researching the singing cultures surrounding the process of carpet weaving in Iran.

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