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Behnam Masoumi is graduated from the Tehran Conservatory where he studied polyrhythmic system of Persian music.


The Iranian percussionist, was guided in his career by: Ramin Rahimi, Aarash Farhangfar, Pejham Akhavas, Navid Afghah, Pejman Hadadi, whom he considered mentors.


Behnam worked with different soloists and bands, performed film music, and recorded more than 15 albums, performed in Iran and abroad, in Asia, Australia and Europe.


In Quieter than Silence, Behnam Masoumi, provides the reliable pulses and beats  with his instruments: tombak, udu, bendir, and using new techniques for producing various percussion effects.

Behnam is currently living in Istanbul and is further collaborating  with artists from around the world.


More information about Behnam Masoumi.

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