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A groundbreaking musical collaboration, uniting artists from diverse corners of the world, to create a mesmerizing tapestry of sounds that pays homage to Afghanistan's rich cultural heritage while fostering global unity and understanding cultures.

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Naria Nour &
Farough Rahmani

Music of Herat

10 september 2023
Odeon Theater - Vienna

Dawood Pazhman
& Murad Sarkhosh

Music 0f Badakhshan


14 December 2023
Odeon Theater - Vienna

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Simin Tander
Pashto Poetry

13 February 2024
Odeon Theater - Vienna

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Austria Based
Afghan Musicians

02 May 2024
Odeon Theater - Vienna

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Roots Revival is built on community input support and donations to

make this series possible in the long term.

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