Sapantana from Romania

It was founded in 1998 at the initiative of the Irina and Ioan Todiut Pop family, with the main purpose of preserving and carrying on the local tradition, folklore and customs. It consists of children and young people aged between 7 and 25 years. The "Sapantana" ensemble carries on the songs, games and customs of the place, authentic and unaltered and has had as members, over time, over three hundred children and young people. They have participated in numerous competitions and festivals, obtaining many diplomas and awards for interpretation and also for authenticity. Their musical accompaniment consists of the three traditional instruments specific to the Maramures area: cetera, zongora and drum. The "Sapantana" ensemble is coordinated by Irina Pop - the director of the Cultural Center and has as honorary instructor Ioan Todiut Pop.

Ensemble Sapantana from Romania

The Sapantana ensemble was formed in 1998 at the inititive if Irina and Ioan Todiut Pop. Their objective was to keep and transmit the folkloric musical themes and village traditions. Its members are children and zoung people between ages of 7 and 25. The Săpânţana enesmble keeps transmitting to the new generation the authentic and unaltered songs, games and habits of the area. More than 300 children and young people were at some point of their lives poart of the ensemble. Thez participated at numerous contests and festivals, being awarded diplomas adnd priyes for the authenticitz of their interpretation. They are accompanied by three musicians playing the three traditional instruments from the Maramures area: tchetera, zongora and a drum. The Săpânţana ensemble is coordinated by Irina Pop - Director of the local Cultural Centerm while its honorific director is Ioan Todirut Pop.


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