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Mohamad Zatari is an Arab classical musician: Oud soloist. His artistic endeavor is to break
stereotypes, to blend various musical genres and styles, and to search constantly for new
musical paths of inspiration.
He has been taught Arab music by Tareq Al-Sayed Yehya, and European classic music by
Iosua Galev.
He has composed pieces of music and soundtracks for short movies, performed in
Syria Romania and Hungary, and collaborated with prominent musicians and singers
such as Abeer Nehme.
As a composer and performer, Mohamed Zatari masters both the classical and contemporary
Arab music repertoire. He has also mastered the traditional styles of the Turkish Iraqi and
Egyptaian schools.
As a result, his talent and his virtuosity have been admirably recognized throughout
Romanian music society. Since then, he has been developing his own style, meeting with
musicians from different horizons, and mixing oriental music with world music. Aiming at
improving his performance and his composition, Mohamed is always looking into various
musical styles to give his music an ever-changing modernity.
Mohamad Zatari was born in Aleppo, Syria, on 13 January 1987. He moved to reside in
Romania in 2013, and he is currently staying in Bucharest.

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