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MARIA-CASANDRA HAUȘI was born in Baia Mare, Maramureş. She acquired from the local elders the ageless art of “Hori în grumaz” – “Horea Lunga” (TN: Romanian regional folksong style characterized by the union of a lyrical text and improvisational melody). Student of the high school in Cluj, the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy, in the class of professors Alexandru Farcas, Gheorghe Rosu and Mugurel Scutareanu. Laureate of the “Maria Tănase” Grand Prize and Trophy, she has marked and celebrated Doina’s inclusion into the Unesco Intangible Heritage, through the launching of the traditional music album generically called “Doina – Horea Lungă – Cântec Arhaic Românesc din Maramureş”.
About this music genre, that she promoted through tours in Romania and abroad, she confesses that it is the endless universe where she has found her home.
Among her collaborations and music projects: The Iza Group; Nicolae PIȚIȘ; Tafarf de CALIU (Anghel Caliu); Nicolae VOICULEȚ; Margareta PÂSLARU; Stamatis KRAOUNAKIS in the Musical “Aristophanes Now” presented in Athens, Istanbul, Timisoara and London (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art); Blanoz; PHOENIX in the project “Arhaic Rock” with Nicu COVACI; SUBCARPAȚI on the album “Satele Unite ale Balcanilor”, “Roots Revival Romania” in “Colors of Maria” and “Doina Revival” with the musicians Mehdi AMINIAN, Aleix Tobias SABATER and Emmanuel HOVHANNYSIAN; NOD, NewOldDoina with Damian DRĂGHICI and Sorin ROMANESCU

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