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This project aims to promote the musical heritage of underrepresented genres from different parts of the world through a unique and innovative approach and enable unmediated perspectives in other cultures.

Kurdish Music

With Gülseven Medar

Gülseven Medar was born in Turkey. As a vocal artist, Medar sings traditional Anatolian and Mesopotamian music in different languages of the region. He made albums and concert projects from the repertoire of mostly Kurdish, Turkish and Zazaki folk songs. She also sings Armenian, Arabic and Hebrew, Roman folk songs in some concert projects.

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The second season of Roots Revival Series, dedicated to the interpretation of Anatolian Kurdish music.

The Kurds, today around 35 million people, are one of the oldest peoples in the Middle East. Their national affiliation is spread over several states, Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran and the Transcaucasian states. The majority of the Kurds, about 15 million people, live in Eastern Anatolia.

The musical tradition of the Kurds is unique, diverse and fulfills more than among other ethnic groups, the role of knowledge transfer across generations.

Since the Kurdish part of Anatolia is a mountainous region, the music and culture of the Kurds was unexplored territory until the second half of the 20th century. Today, we still know little about the diversity that makes up Kurdish music. For this reason, we would like to devote more time to this topic.
Odeon Theater in Vienna on the 24th October 2022.

Helene Glüxam – contrabass
Nora Thiele – percussion
David Six – piano
Mehdi Aminian – ney, setar, vocal
Guest Gülseven Medar – vocals
Guest Sakina Teyna – vocals
Guest Umut Akar - Saz

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This is the first episode of a long-term series of performances with the goal to promote the world’s musical diversity and heritage.
Initiated and developed by Mehdi Aminian and Loana Aminian, this series is the result of a collaboration between

Roots Revival and Odeon Theater in Vienna.

Photo Gallery

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Captures of the essence of Ashik music, with vivid illustrations and poetic storytelling that transport viewers to a world of soulful melodies and heartfelt emotions.

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​Roots Revival respects your right to an uninterrupted experience.
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