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Discovering the magic of the sound of the bansuri, Julia Ohrmann became interested in the spiritual path of learning Indian music in India. Since then, she has been studying bansuri under the guidance of her teacher, the world renowned bansuri player, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, in India and at Codarts (NL).
Classically trained from childhood in Germany, she first went on to study musicology at Sorbonne University in Paris where she became influenced by the international and local music scenes of the city.
She has been performing in numerous musical projects; blending theatre, film, electronic, world and Western classical styles, in collaboration all over Europe and in India. She is the first European woman to tour with her teacher, Pt. H. Chaurasia, in Europe and in India, and has been featured among others, in a significant concert for the BBC Network.
In addition to her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Indian music, she has a Bachelor’s degree in musicology (Sorbonne university) and is state qualified to give music lessons to groups, children and adults. Julia Ohrmann is currently living in Rotterdam. In 2016 she was invited as a guest teacher and assistant of Pt. H. Chaurasia at the conservatory Codarts in Rotterdam for a period of 6 months.
Since the summer semester 2018 she has an artistic teaching assignment at the University of Music Detmold, Germany, teaching improvisation on Indian Raga and Tala.

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