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Emmanuel Hovhannisyan was born in Armenia.

Emmanuel Hovhannisyan is one of the most accomplished musicians in Armenia. He is first duduk player at the Armenian State Orchestra of National Instruments, solo player at Tagharan Ancient Music Ensemble, and lead duduk player at the Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble. Together with the latter ensemble, Emmanuel collaborated in the production of the Ensemble's CD, The Voice of George Gurdijeff (German ECM Records Copmpany), which received high appraisal from the musical world in line with several prestigious international awards.

Alongside his permanent commitments at the Conservatory of Yerevan and various ensembles, Emmanuel Hovhannisyan also has an extensiverecord of collaboration with various musical projects: New Voices of Duduk, Arie Toun (Come Back Home), Beiteddine Art Festival, Roots Revival Festival.

A new feature in Emmanuel Hovghannisyan's musical carreer is his experience in the theatre and cinema, by starting an artistic collaboration with the Hamazgayin Theatre of Yerevan, where he performs live at different theatre performances in line with stage appearances as an actor.

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