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An international project in which each musician comes from a different cultural background in an effort to bring traditional music at a crossroad of contemporary experiments influenced by traditional, jazz, folk and world music. The concept started in 2013 at the initiative of Mehdi Aminian which coordinated the events of each theme-Maramures and Maria Tanase. The two albums of the projects are available at Carturesti bookshops in Romania. Mehdi Aminian is currently developing Roots Revival.


In Roots Revival after an intensive research musicians are chosen representing different cultures to meet each other for the first time and have a defined period to work on a given topic.


Roots Revival aims to provide the platform for young professional musicians with authentic musical heritage in contemporary forms to exchange, experiment and live with others cultures.


Besides creation of authentic and innovative music, One of the main goals  in Roots Revival is to create direct artistic dialogue between nations and to emphasis on our common essence and roots as humans.

Roots Revival is inviting young professional musicians with interest in Traditional, Jazz, Classical and interdisciplinary fields to send us sample of their works and suggestions.

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